Vacuum Bonding & Ink-Jet Printing Technology

Global leader of the high-tech manufacturing industry

Owns motion precision control technology, vision imaging processing technology, surface treatment technology (plasma, cleaning), and OLED panel vacuum bonding technology

Owns AI-based ink-jet operation optimization technology, droplet's falling shape test technology, jetting state control technology, and low viscosity resin material technology

OCA Deco Lamiantor

3D glass, OCA & Deco film vacuum lamination facilities

  • Manual input, discharge (2 Ports)
  • Vacuum chamber (2 Sets)
  • Shuttle (1Set), Input Robot (1Set), Plasma (1Set)

WFA (Window Film Attach)

3D cover glass protection film attachment facility

  • Cover Glass input (1 Set)
  • Attach Unit (Shuttle & Film Supplier) (2 Sets)
  • Align Vision System (2 Sets)

FTG Double-sided Protective Film Applicator

FTG ethanol cleaning & protective film attachment equipment

  • Tray Loading (1 Set), Unloading (1 Set)
  • Linear Shuttle (2 Sets), X,Y Cleaning Unit (2 Sets)
  • Wiper Winder & Unwinder (2 Sets)

Panel Packing

Large display panel packaging logistics system

  • Sealing & Guide (1 Set)
  • Unloading 6-Axis Robot (1 Set)
  • Roll Feeder (1 Set) Box, Panel, Cutting Vision (1 Set)

Tray Stocker

Tray input and discharge logistics system

  • Tray In/Out Port (6 Ports), Transfer RGV (1 Set)
  • Battery Charging System (1 Set)
  • Stocker Shelf (102 Lot), SCS

CG Cleaner (Wiper Cleaning)

3D cover glass ethanol cleaning equipment

  • CST Loading (1 Sets), Unloading 6-Axis Robot (1 Set)
  • Linear Shuttle (2 Sets), X,Y Cleaning Unit (2 Sets)
  • Wiper Winder & Unwinder (2 Sets)

OCR Inkjet Laminator

OCR inkjet lamy equipment

  • Inkjet Head & Head Aligner & Inspector (2 Sets)
  • OCR Supply & MPC (2 Sets)
  • Maintenance (Purge, Suction, Capping) (2 Sets)
  • Inkjet Patterning S/W

Linear Motion System (LMS)

Display panel inspection logistics system

  • Pallet Carrier (5 Sets), Coil (32 Sets)
  • Pallet Ferry (3 Sets), Pallet Lifter (2 Sets)
  • Pallet Return (1 Set)

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