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PCB CNC Cleaner

Facilities that clean cutting oil and remove the protective paper after the large PCB panel's router processing

  • Pallet gripper system for logistics transfer of processed PCB
  • DI WASHER cleaning and drying system
  • Boxing system using the remove tape
  • Control method : PLC

PI Cutting

PKG LED repeater panel's protective film adhesion & cutting facilities

  • Roll-compression adhesion system for a PKG LED film's protective film
  • System that cuts the PKG LED film in a precise length

PI Attach

Facilities for adhering a PKG LED film to the carrier JIG

  • Carrier adhesion & floating foreign matter removal system
  • Double-sided tape attachment system
  • Control method : PLC

PI Detach

Facilities for transcribing to a UV film after stripping from a micro LED film's carrier

  • Drum stripping system for a carrier-adhered film without LED damages
  • UV film's protective film stripping & LED film transcription system
  • Control method : PLC

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