Secondary battery

High-Speed/High-Quality Secondary Battery Process Technology

Global leader of the high-tech manufacturing industry

Embodies high-speed/high-quality processes based on multiaxial motion control technology, high-speed synchronization and sensing technology

Provides the most efficient production line system combined with process equipment and commerce & industry logistics equipment

OHV System

An unmanned system where a vehicle containing secondary battery products drives along a rail installed on the ceiling and returns between manufacturing processes, improving the worker's convenience

  • The development of a battery-embedded vehicle enables environmental improvement, risk reduction, and logistics optimization
  • A system also utilizable in semiconductor, electronics, automobile, air transport industry fields, large warehouses, hospitals, and other service areas

Jelly Roll Manufacturing Equipment : Notching

Automated equipment that forms the electrode terminal part by processing the electrode that has been slit and supplied in a roll shape and enables it to be cut in the width direction of the pole plate

  • Enables J/R fabrication process and in-lining by minimizing the effect of vibration via applying a cutting process based on a laser process

Jelly Roll Manufacturing Equipment : Stacking

Automated equipment that folds the consecutively supplied separator in a zigzag pattern and alternately supplies the cathode and anode, which are fabricated in flat plate shapes, in between while stacking the pole plates at high speed

  • System optimized for the client's needs
  • Secures the flexibility of the provided production, offers the design minimizing the model alteration time and the quality difference before/after model alteration

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